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Mary Mason Boaz

mary mason boaz

Mary-Mason joined EdFuel in June 2015 because she believes that students deserve the most talented, focused leaders working with them toward their educational outcomes. Prior to her work at EdFuel, Mary-Mason led the Teacher Leadership Development team at Teach For America – D.C. Region, managing a team of ten people and leading the training and development of 6 instructional coaches and approximately 250 teachers. Before taking on that role, she served as a Manager of Teacher Leadership Development for Teach For America, managing over 100 teachers and working with school leaders across D.C., Prince George’s County, and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

Mary-Mason has also served as a School Director for Teach For America’s Tulsa Institute, leading a summer school program for over 500 students and managing the development of 100 first year teachers and 10 teacher coaches. Mary-Mason began her career as a 7th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher at McClintock Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mary-Mason graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Arts in French and International Affairs.

by Mary Mason Boaz, Director of Growth, EdFuel

Our free capacity-building resources are now available!

What makes working in leadership frustrating?

At EdFuel, what we’ve realized along the way is that, unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet guide to help you grow your team. As education leaders we don’t have the luxury of spending time googling, finding resources from other sectors to adapt and modify, and creating our own talent development tools because there are children in classrooms who are ready and waiting to learn at the highest levels.

When I got my first promotion to manager, I was incredibly excited about leading and training other instructional coaches. I deeply believed in the talent on our team and the difference we could make. While my excitement was through the roof, my skills and knowledge on how to foster and grow the talent on our team was lacking…and it wasn’t easy to fill that gap. I spent countless hours trying to do research, create my own tools, and build the road while I walked it.

As a team, one of our goals is to do that work on our end: find the resources, interview the experts, and compile the information so that you don’t have to. Our hope is, instead of spending the time doing the research and creating your own tools, that you can use our resources and get right to the work of developing and retaining the talent in your organization.

Our Tools and Resources

For the last few years, EdFuel has worked with some of the most innovative leaders in the education sector. We’ve been able to work beside these leaders through our Peer Learning Communities, executive coaching, research teams, Leadership Labs, and other avenues. These leaders are getting results and developing best-in-class tools. They are developing their talent, retaining staff at high levels, and ultimately, increasing results for kids. We’ve taken our learnings from these leaders, as well as other research and our own experiences to create a few easy to read and implement tools and resources.

Here’s a quick overview of the new tools and resources you can find our website:

  • Sample Progress Checkpoint Agenda: A built out agenda that managers can use to guide their check-ins with employees on progress toward professional development plans.
  • How to Create an Effective Internal Coaching Program: A best practice guide for creating an organizational culture around coaching as well as best practices and samples for individual coaches. (coming Feb 2016)

We’re excited for you to be able to engage with these resources. Let us know if you’re using them and what you think. We’d love to hear questions, feedback, and other thoughts so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Mary Mason Boaz, at