Introducing EdFuel’s Fall 2015 Peer Learning Communities

Tiffany Quivers, Director of Learning, EdFuel


DC Education Professionals: Sign Up For a 2015 PLC Today!

Peer Learning Communities Are Back…And Growing…for 2015!

Last year, 50 education professionals across Washington, DC took part in EdFuel’s four Peer Learning Communities (PLC) to learn from each other, reflect, and grow their leadership skills. Based on the strong response we received, we are excited to expand to nine highly targeted, needs-specific PLCs.

Why attend a PLC?

The PLC experience brings together education leaders who otherwise may not cross paths (let alone share best practices and solve problems together). PLCs are two-hour sessions that meet once a month from October through May. Each session features expert facilitation with peer exploration, problem solving and accountability. The result? Leaders work together to build new behaviors and drive towards higher levels of performance.

PLCs work by connecting you with others who do your job – outside of your organization

Our PLCs are built on the proven 70-20-10 Leadership Development Model. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, leaders learn by doing. Therefore, leadership development should consist of 70% on the job training, 20% coaching and mentoring and 10% formal training.

During our PLCs we offer practical exercises and tools to be applied on the job. Peers join each month to provide coaching and feedback on developmental progress. We create spaces of reflection, analysis and action, furthering the learning retention and skill growth.

Bring your challenges and leave with tested and proven solutions.

Learn sector-specific best practices to improve processes and become more efficient.

Offer your personal strengths and skills so that your peers might also learn from you.

PLCs provide personal access to an expert in an intimate setting.

Critical to our PLCs are our facilitators. We partner with only the best and the brightest to lead our groups. Rather than rely on a “sage on the stage” approach, PLC facilitators work to serve as a guide, mentor, coach and most importantly, a partner in the learning process.

Check out our fall lineup, and sign up now!

Emerging Leaders

Facilitator: Mary Mason Boaz, Director of Growth, EdFuel


Facilitator: Joshua Boots, Executive Director and Founder, EmpowerK12

Leaders of Color

Facilitators: Tiffany Quivers, Director of Learning, EdFuel

Offiong Bassey, Director of Bailey Sullivan Leadership

Leading through Diversity

Facilitator: Michelle Molitor, CEO and Founder, Fellowship for Race and Equity

Victoria Dunn, Leadership Development Consultant


Facilitator: Lara Oerter, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Operations


Facilitator: Dianne Houghton, Leadership Development Consultant, Former COO, New Leaders


Facilitator: Rachel Wandell, Director of Advancement, KIPP Chicago


Facilitator: Alicia Robinson, CEO and Founder, EdPlus Consulting

Participant Testimonials

“The topics were amazing and strategic to what we all deal with in leadership.”

“The small group share is effective because it allows people to practice and receive real time feedback. This is something that I have not experienced at other professional developments.”

“I really appreciate the sense of community that we have in our PLC.”

“Learning how to capitalize on my strengths and propel my career forward through growth, reflection, and forward thinking.”

“This PLC was integral to my first year as a manager of other adults. At the times I felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities of my job, the topics of conversations and tools presented were priceless.”

“I have implemented several of the lessons taught here with my team, including Let’s Work Together, managing inboxes, and feedback.”

“I have learned about myself even more! I appreciate the classes and the investment that each of you have put in every person in EdFuel… I thank you for this organization and it was so enlightening.”